Gerard & Diane Barros

A Rare Blend of Music for your Listening and Dancing Pleasure

"Guns For Hire"

Attention Fellow Musicians:

When G&D are not working as a duo or with the Barros Band, we often substitute for musicians in many groups. If a regular band member or vocalist is unable to make a certain engagement, Gerard and/or Diane has often filled in, so that the rest of the band can still honor that date, rather than cancel the gig. Being proficient on four instruments, Gerard has substituted on guitar, keyboards, bass or drums for numerous acts, and Diane has often filled in for various lead and background female vocalists and added percussion to the band’s rhythm section. G&D are also often called upon when an event requires a larger act, and a 3 or 4 pc. band needs a fuller sound, including G&D’s strong back-up harmonies.

G&D’s musicianship is successfully utilized by a wide array of legendary ’60s hitmakers, classic rock, pop & soul acts, country & southern rock groups, acoustic folk ensembles and large corporate entertainment agencies. These include:

“The Classics IV,” “1910 Fruitgum Company,” “The Cascades,” “The Jersey Girls,” “Back in Business,” “Epic Soul,”

 "The Jeff Kinder Band," "The Edge," “The Stache Band,” “The Temple Dudes,” “Unique Musique Entertainment,” and “Barry Jason Orchestras.” 

So call us, and we’ll be glad to help.