Gerard & Diane Barros

A Rare Blend of Music for your Listening and Dancing Pleasure

     PARTIES    

Gerard & Diane can provide music for any party or special occasion. As a compact duo, we specialize in small or large HOUSE PARTIES, and we also make a great addition to any CORPORATE EVENT.

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or just a chance to get together with friends and family, let us provide your soundtrack. Your guests will enjoy a great mix of easy-listening, sing-along and dancing music. 

Also available ...


Theme Parties

Our Theme Party repertoire is custom-made for your Theme event. For holiday parties, we bring the spirit to your special occasion, with Christmas favorites, Halloween classics or just great Summertime oldies for your 4th of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day bash.

Additionally, we provide a musical setting for specific decade or style themes, such as 1950s Sock-Hops, 1960s "Hippie" parties, 1970s pop culture events or Country/Western nights.

        Formal events, such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvah
        and cocktail hours are also a part of the services
        we provide.

All-Acoustic Party

When you're hosting a small event, and you'd like to add an inexpensive, yet lively form of entertainment, our Acoustic show is perfect for you. We provide natural "unplugged" versions of all of your favorite songs, and can involve the audience to sing along Hootenany-style. It's perfect for backyard BBQs, holiday gatherings and house parties.